About Iide-machi

Iide-machi in the southwestern part of Yamagata Prefecture is located on the northern side of the Iide mountain range and is a natural and rich town with forests occupying more than 80% of the total area.

In Iide-machi, beautiful mountains and magnificent Shirakawa harmonize, and the elegant scenery like Scandinavia attracts tourists throughout the four seasons.
In addition, it is a town blessed with sightseeing resources, hot springs, trekking, wild vegetable picking, camping, snowmobiling and sightseeing resources with the only geyser in Japan with tourism lily.

Local specialties in Iide-machi are “rice”, “honey”, “local wine”, “Iide’s confectionery”, “Vine products”, including “Yonezawa beef”, “Doburoku” and “Asparagus” , “Soba” and so on.

Iide’s mountain peak

lily garden

Inquiries to Iide-machi

Inquiries to Iide-machi

Iide-machi Commerce and Industry Tourism Division

Zip code 999-0696. 2888, O-aza Tsubaki, Iide-machi, Nishi-okitama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture.
Phone number:0238-72-3827

Inquiries concerning sightseeing

Iide-machi Tourist Association is sending leisure and accommodation information!

Do you know that Iide-machi, a rich natural place, also has facilities to enjoy its landscape beauty and leisure?
Please check the latest information onIide-machi Tourist Association official websiteand enjoy playing in Iide-machi Please come.

Nature rich Iide-machi where the forest covers most of the town with the Iide mountain range and Asahi mountain range.
Full of seasonal leisure spots making full use of nature such as trekking and harvesting, fishing, camping and snowmobiling.
Bathing can be enjoyed while being attracted by the magnificent mountain views, including secret hot spring “Yunosawa geyser Yunohana” that springs up in the mountains, drop-in hot water and hot springs are scattered.

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Spring Shirakawa Lake Submerged Forest ~ Yamagata Prefecture Iidecho Tourist Association ~

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Iide-machi Tourism Association

〒900-0604 Yamagata Prefecture Nishi-giken-gun Iide-machi Daiji Camellia 1974-2
TEL: 0238-86-2411 / FAX: 0238-86-2422

Access to Iide-machi

We will inform you about access to Iide-machi from Tokyo.

  1. Shinkansen – conventional line (about 3 hours from Tokyo station)
  2. Automobile (about 4 hours to 5 hours)
  3. Shinkansen – Car rental (about 3 hours)

Please look forward to the abundant activities such as leisure and agricultural experience in nature rich Iidefumi.

1. By Shinkansen and local line

Get off at Yonezawa station by Yamagata Shinkansen, change to the Yonezawa line.

  1. Yamagata Shinkansen (To Shinjo): Depart from Tokyo station → arrive at Yonezawa station (about 2 hours and 10 minutes)
  2. Yonezawa Line (bound for Sakamachi): Depart from Yonezawa station → arrive at Uzen Tsubaki station (about 40 minutes)

2. By car

Please use the Tohoku Expressway / Tohoku Chuo Expressway and take the Nan-yo Takahata IC to Akayu Bypass / Route 113 toward the Niigata area.
(About 4 hours to 5 hours)

3. By Shinkansen and rent-a-car

Use of rent-a-car from Akayu station is convenient.

  1. Yamagata Shinkansen (To Shinjo): From Tokyo station to Akayu station (about 2 hours 20 minutes)
  2. From Akayu station by car rental to Iide-machi (about 30 minutes)