Commitment to quality

At IIDE, an antenna shop in Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture, we offer handmade bento boxes made from Tsuyahime, a high-class brand rice produced in Iide Town, and Kin no Ibuki, a brand brown rice.

The healthy and delicious IIDE bento is popular for its gentle taste that you won’t get tired of.
Also, delicatessen centered on Japanese and home cooking, which are perfect with IIDE rice balls and sake, are popular.

You can order the standard menu atUber EatsorDemae-kan.

If you are looking for a large quantity of onigiri or bento like catered bento at Koenji, please feel free to call(03-5356-9922)or ask at the store.


Simmered Dish & Red Salmon Bento

This is the No.1 popular side dish with Chikuzen. This is a lunchbox with plenty of loose ingredients and plenty of dietary fiber, which tends to be lacking.

Deep-fried Domestic Chicken Marinated in Salted Rice Malt Bento

Repeat rate No.1. It contains IIDE’s famous fluffy and delicious karaage.

Grilled Chicken Bento Marinated in Salted Rice Malt

Soft and full of flavor! Juicy grilled domestic chicken!

Handmade Hamburger Bento

The juicy and fluffy hamburger goes well with onion sauce.

Handmade Shumai and Fried Chicken Bento


This is a voluminous bento box that has the delicious taste of minced pork and the sweetness of onions, the shumai that we are proud of, and the deep-fried Salted Rice Malt marinade that is popular at the store.


Side dish

Yamagata specialty! Konnyaku balls

Needless to say, Yamagata’s soul food. The well-seasoned tamakon is healthy and satisfying.

Yonezawa beef & potato croquette

Luxurious croquette made with Yonezawa beef from Iitoyo. Yonezawa beef brings out the flavor.

Thick Japanese Omelette

It has a slightly sweet and gentle taste. It’s an addictive Tamagoyaki.

Deep-fried chicken marinated in salted rice malt

It is fluffy and delicious, and soft even when cooled. It’s our specialty.

Assorted rice bran pickles

We pickle the standard vegetables in the rice bran of Tsuyahime in the shop. The saltiness is exquisite. Try it with rice.

Simmered Hijiki Seaweed

The savory flavor of sesame oil and the flavor of the ingredients absorbed by the broth spread in your mouth.

Mom’s Chikuzenni

The most popular deli! A simmered dish with a mild and relaxing taste. You can enjoy the taste of root vegetables.

Gentle taste! Potato salad

Use less mayonnaise to reduce calories. It has a mild and gentle taste.

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