IIDE has rice balls, rice, Yamagata prefecture specialty products centered on Iide-machi in Yamagata prefecture.
Please enjoy it on your daily table or for gifts.

In the introduction below, products and seasonal items that are not always available at Yamagata iide-machi antenna shop IIDE are included.

Iide rice

“Iide rice” is delicious rice cultivated with water of Shirakawa flowing from fertile earth and Mt.Iide.
Iide-machi has a large difference between hi temperature and low temperature, Iide rice is a masterpiece that made from special fertilizer applied to heavy snowy land and made of reduced pesticide.

Tsuya Hime

“Tsuya Hime” is even-grained, and it charactarized by luster.
Sweetness and stickiness felt from a single particle grain are excellent in balance feeling, and in recent years it is a reputation that exceeds Koshihikari by taste evaluation.
It is delicious even if it is cold, also suitable for lunch box and rice balls.


“Yukiwakamaru” was born in 2018 as a brother of Tsuya hime.
It is the biggest feature that cook-up is pure white like snow.
It is rice which is sticky but rich in fresh texture with hardness, and it is a very elegant taste.


“Haenuki” is a variety developed in Akitakomachi in Yamagata Prefecture.
The surface of a grain of rice is firm, elastic, moderate sticky, chunky texture is characterized.


“Domannaka” is a sister variety that debuted with Haenuki.
Characterized by large, clear particles, the taste is easy, the stickiness is soft and soft texture.


“Hitomebore” is a large grain refreshingly soft, sticky and plump, it features rice cooked up.
It is easy to match any dish.

Koenji Junjo shopping street’s rice

“Koenji Junjo shopping street’s rice” is a limited package of Koenji Junjo shopping street that used “Haenuki” from Yamagata Prefecture.
It is a very delicious rice. In the National Contest, “Koshihikari from Uonuma” and the only “Yamagata Prefecture Haenuki” have been awarded “Special A rank” for 22 consecutive years.

Japanese sake (local wine)

Sake water from Mt.Iide is a local sake featuring a refreshing taste that used fresh water sprinkled as underflow water for water use.
In IIDE, Iide-machi’s only sake brewery “ Wakanoi Shuzo “always makes sake We deal with it.

Special pure rice sake “Wakanoi”

Awarded the 8th Gold Award nationwide contest contest.
These sake can be enjoyed in hot or cold.
It is popular also for sake-lovers.

Capacity (ml) 720 ml, 1800 ml
Frequency 15 degrees
Rice polishing ratio 60%

Special pure rice sake “Fu san”

Good flavor balance and refreshing throat.
It is easy to drink for women, it is also popular item in IIDE.

Capacity (ml) 720 ml, 1800 ml
Frequency 15 degrees
Used rice Dewa-no-sato of Yamagata Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio 60%

Special pure rice sake Wakanoi four seasons series

Low-temperature storage of special pure rice sake “Wakanoi” at storage facility “Yukimuro” using natural snow.
Please enjoy the taste which changes with the season.

Shunpo(Spring treasure)
Sales period: March to May
Fresh type of sake.
Kaho(Summer treasure)
Sales period: June to August
It is a summer sake with a refreshing taste stored fresh.
Shuho(Autumn Treasure)
Sales period: November to November
Comfortable food in-between type.
Toho(Winter treasure)
sales period: from February to February
It is soft flavored with aging.
Capacity (ml) 720 ml, 1800 ml
Frequency 15 degrees
Used rice Miyama Nishiki from Yamagata Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio 60%

Koenji Junjo pure rice sake

Special for Koenji shop, original sake made from “Haenuki” made in Iide-machi.
Clear and fruity sake.

Capacity (ml) 720 ml, 1800 ml
Frequency 15 degrees
Rice polishing ratio 60%

Doburoku and wine

Kokuwa wine

It is a fruity wine that uses 100% of Iide-machi harvest. It won the Gold Prize at the 8th Japan Souvenir Academy.
You can enjoy sweetness and refreshing acidity similar to the distinctive rich fragrance and kiwi.

Doburoku (Homemade fresh sake)

Iide-machi has permission from Doburoku Special Zone. Clean flow which gushed from the Iide mountain range has been popular as one of the specialty of Iide which is also suitable for drinking, strong taste and gentle taste is rice.


Iide beef

All beef cattle that are fattened in Iide-machi are Kuroge Wagyu cattle. It has a long history as a hometown of the nationally famous “Yonezawa beef”, and it has become a production area that produces more than 40% of it.
The soft, greasy high-quality meat quality that can be raised in vast nature is characterized by “good with steak” and “good with a hotpot”.

Agricultural products

Nature-rich Iide-machi is a treasure house of agricultural products and fruits every season.
Clean water flowing from the fertile earth and Mt.Iide, and the severity of cold weather lead to the taste of fruits and vegetables.
We are confidently offering Uzusawa pumpkin, soba, soybean, strawberry, cherry, etc, including Asparagus of Iide-machi special product.


Doburoku dorayaki

“Doburoku dorayaki” which mixed doburoku for bean paste and pancake. It is finished in moderate and you can relish it safely even for children as it evaporate alcohol.

Doburoku cake

If you eat moist fluffy mouthfully you will be addictive Deliciousness “Doburoku cake”.

Doburoku steamed buns

The surface of bun is moist and full filled with sweet been paste.
Even if you eat some buns you do not get tired, it is a very popular item.

Persimmon sweet bean jelly

A sweet bean jelly with dried persimmons which has very vivid orange.
The elegant taste not too sweet will surely be pleased as a tea ceremony as well as a souvenir.

Wild vegetables and pickles

Wild vegetables

A gift from the mountains created by the rich nature of Iide-machi “Wild vegetables”.
Especially the wild vegetables from Nakatsugawa are very soft and fine, and are eaten by various cooking methods such as simmered dishes and tempura.


It is the taste of our hometown where grandmother pickled fresh vegetables raised in nature-rich with full heart.

Vine products

Vine products

“Vine products” made with “mountain grape skin” or “Akebi skin” made use of local blessing of the nature.
I can not say anything about the texture of nature and it will increase the luster to the extent you use it.
The maker’s mind is an excellent piece.

Other processed foods

Tsubaki miso

“Tsubaki miso” aged with the traditional brewing method of Tsubaki district using delicious rice. It contains plenty of lactic acid bacteria and yeast.

Persimmon-processed items

In Iide-machi there is a “persimmon tree association” aiming at commercialization of “persimmon” not harvested.
This special item of this “persimmon tree association” is “processed persimmon”.
Vitamin C is twice as much as mandarin orange and polyphenol is 5 times as much as grapes and contains much more nutrients than other fruits.

Maple syrup

It is a domestic maple syrup collected from the itai yakaede growing naturally in the mountains.
It is a priceless sap which can be collected only during the winter months from mid-February to mid-March.
It is nature’s blessing boiled down with firewood.

Rice cake

We deal with Yamagata’s “Kirimochi (Cut rice cake)” introduced in Japanese TV show. Miso rice cake is popular.