Shop info

To disseminate delicious rice and specialty items in Iide-machi, Yamagata Iide-machi Antenna Shop IIDE was started in July 2014 in Koenji Junjyo shopping street.
Since this shop was born as a result of the exchanges of agricultural experiences of elementary school children in Koenji, it became possible to enjoy the taste of Iide Town in Koenji.

And in March 2019, IIDE renewed as a mainstay goods with rice balls as a shop that casually dropped in.
Onigiri made with rice brought by rich nature may be the most luxurious meal.

Sometimes producers come and sell products at shops. We offer delicious and safe taste unique to IIDE to more customers.
We have vegetables and various kinds of goods delivered directly from the farm and we are waiting for your visit.

Shop information

Shop name Yamagata Iide-machi antenna shop IIDE
Address Zip No. 166-0002 / 2-7-6, Koenji-kita, Suginami-city, Tokyo
Phone 03-5356-9922
Holiday Open everyday
Business hours 10:00a.m. – 8:00p.m.
Operating company HOT WIRE GROUP


2 minutes on foot from JR Koenji Station North Exit.
It will takes about 7 minutes From JR Shinjuku Station to Koenji Station. ※ Please note that chuo-line fast train will not stop on weekends