Yamagata Iide-machi Antenna shop IIDE renewal opened!


Yamagata Iide-machi Antenna shop IIDE renewal opened in 2nd march, 2019!

Two of the producers of rice, “Iide rice network Youth division”, also used for onigiri

IIDE located in Koenji Junjo shopping street of Koenji, Tokyo, which is also popular among young people, is one of the most popular clothing stores in the country, is an antenna shop of Iide-machi, Yamagata Prefecture.
Although it was a shop familiar to local people because of enjoying the taste of Yamagata until now, the eat-in counter occupied a large space and there was also a slight difficulty to enter.

So, in order to get more people to know the charm of Iide-machi, let’s eat rice balls using Iide-machi’s special product “rice” – a luxurious brand rice “Tsuya Hime” in take-out sales.
Let’s make the opportunity to make more people know about Iide-machi while making “Onigiri” which is receiving attention as a popular food for foreigners in recent years as the face of shops.

Thinking that way, we renewed this time.

A new IIDE that is easy to see and easy to enter.

Inside the IIDE shop after renewal. Sell rice balls and handmade side dishes in showcases.

The new interior designed by a young architect gives a fresh impression of the chic left wall surface painted in dark gray and the contrast of the right wall that the warmth of natural trees suggests the nature of Iide-machi.

In the atmosphere of the town of Koenji in Tokyo, it was decorated to feel like Iide-machi while demonstrating the charm of “I want to enter” as one store.

In addition, the counter which is also a rice ball showcase is installed diagonally and directs leads to the back of the store.

We are committed to handmade rice balls and prepared dishes every day in the shop.

Rice balls and side dishes arranged in the showcase are natural and natural taste

“Tsuya Hime” produced in Iide-machi is rice which is delicious even if it is cold and sweet.
Rice grain has a presence in a single grain, it is rice for indeed rice balls.

Eat daily, such as “Shio Musubi(Salt Onigiri)” featuring this rice as a protagonist, “Yonezawa beef gizzard” boiled using brand beef “Yonezawa beef” which is also a special product of Iide-machi, “Yonezawa beef soboro” There are not more than 10 kinds of rice balls.

Please see the menu of rice balls from the link below.


Naturally tasty delicatessen which does not get bored is also handmade in the kitchen inside the shop everyday.
Fried chicken salted with meat is soft and exterior is good. We also sell staple side dishes such as potato salad and “Chikuzen-ni”(Stewed Vegetable).

Even if you can line up at the table, the menu of royal roads that line up is good, even if you go to rice balls according to rice balls, the smiling face of the person who eat comes out.
In addition, we also stick to raw materials and cooking methods, such as using seasonings from Yamagata Prefecture as a seasoning and ingredients for some side dishes.

Immersed in salt, the meat is soft, the surface finished crisply Deep fried

We also have a large selection of goods from Iide-machi and Yamagata prefecture.

In the inside of IIDE shop where popular products from Yamagata prefecture line up mainly in Iide-machi special products

After renewal, we have made it easier for us to see the product more easily than ever before, making it easier to pick up.

We sell local seasonings popular at the local “Michi No Eki Mezami No Sato Tourist Property Museum”, and Yonezawa beef’s processed foods and pickles, such as car snacks and local snacks. You can get it in Koenji, Tokyo.

Rice and sake making good use of abundant water resources including Mt.Iide.

A snow room that made use of natural snow (Yukimuro) and popular Iide-machi in winter leisure

IIDE sells “Tsuya Hime”, “Haenuki”, “Yukiwakamaru”, “Domannaka”, “Hitomebore” etc. produced by Iide rice network in-store.
Because it is equipped with rice polishing machines, it is also possible to sell rice in the store from brown rice.
Among them, “Tsuya Hime” is a popular variety to use also for onigiri rice balls.

Iide rice package designed according to this renewal

In the town’s only sake brewery “Wakanoi Sake Brewery”, they make use of tasty and soft water quality to be sold as drinking water, and produce sake for drinking for dinner.
“One cup” Sake collaborated with Koenji Junjo shopping street is also a popular item of IIDE.

At IIDE, we have PR since the renewal at events such as sake sake and liquor bath at Koenji’s public bath “Kosugi-yu”.

Koenji Junjo shopping street Junjo pure rice sake is also popular with the design of package designed by Students from Joshibi University of art

From the rich ingredients that majestic nature brings warmth of Iide-machi from Koenji.

‘Noren’ shop curtain with the rice ball logo was added to the symbol after the renewal

In cooperation with many people, Iidomecho antenna shop in Yamagata prefecture that played a successful renewal opening IIDE.

The catch phrase that we posted on this website “Eat everyday, delicious everyday” contains the desire to communicate with everyone through ingredients familiar to Japanese people, such as rice balls and rice.

With the confidence that Iide-machi has ingredients that create impression in everyday life, We will convey the charm of Iide-machi on a daily basis while growing and developing this shop.
Please come to Yamagata Iide-machi antenna shop IIDE in the Koenji Junjo shopping street as well tomorrow.

We are waiting for you with Onigiri made with heart.

A salt rice ball using “Tsuya Hime” produced in Iide-machi is delicious with a grain of rice