Luxury brand rice “Tsuya Hime” which only farmers certified as producers can cultivate.
In IIDE, we cook “Tsuya Hime” from Iide-machi in the shop everyday and cook it richly.
Good balance of sweetness and stickiness “Tsuya Hime” is outstandingly compatible with any ingredients.
For laver harmonize the rice ball flavor, using seaweed from Ariake Sea, which has a reputation for taste.
Please appreciate gems that overturn rice ball usual sense.

Standard classic

So it's delicious!
Please enjoy the IIDE’s popular salt onigiri and classic onigiri with ingredients that we carefully cooked.

Shio musubi
(Salt rice ball)

The simplest and ultimate. Salted rice ball that brings out the taste of brand rice “Tsuya Hime” from Iide-machi.

Kishu Nanko-ume (Umeboshi, Pickled Plum)

The salty taste and sourness of Kishu Nanko-ume complement the natural sweetness of rice.

Tsukudani kombu (Kombu kelp boiled in sweetened soy sauce)

Hokkaido kombu kelp cooked sweetly in a large iron pot, condensed soft taste and umami. It is addictive taste.

(Dried bonito flakes)

With flavorful dried bonito and soy sauce taste, it is best when you want to taste rice simple.

Tuna Mayo

From children to adults, Tuna Mayo is equally popular in a wide range of generations.

Red salmon

It is a classic flavor that wraps the umami and salty taste of savory grilled salmon (made in Hokkaido).

Tarako (Cod roe) ・ Sujiko (Salmon roe)

So it's delicious!
We selected fresh ingredients carefully. The rice of Iide-machi firmly wraps the flavor of seafood.

Yaki-tarako (Grilled cod roe)

Cod roe which grilled the surface fragrantly. Please enjoy umami and texture.

Mentaiko (Spicy cod roe)

Spicy cod roe is a very popular combination with rice.

Sujiko (Salmon roe)

You can taste a little luxurious feeling in everyday life with this salmon roe rice ball.

Yonezawa beef / Namban miso (Miso with green pepper)

So it's delicious!
Sweet soy sauce and miso-based rice balls are a source of energy. We pursued the seasoning that best matches the natural sweetness of rice.

Simmered Yonezawa beef with soy sauce

Yonezawa beef directly sent from Iide-machi is a special grade item ranked A5. It is a rice ball with the fragrance of ginger tangled well into sweet seasoning.

Namban miso (Miso with green pepper)

Namban (green pepper) miso which tastes exhilarating pungent taste is outstandingly compatible with brand rice “Tsuya Hime”. It is the taste of adults.

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